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The Federation of French Alpine and Mountain Clubs has always worked to include the new generations who will create the mountaineering of tomorrow.  Some will climb as pure amateurs without being preoccupied about performance.  Others, however, will pursue the dreams of those exceptional explorers who, over the last century were able to find, in the hidden corners of the world, places still untouched, forever rolling back the frontiers of the impossible. ….
But if the Groups of Excellence of the FFCAM are an open door, the highest level of alpinism is expressed individually or through independent teams, as an art form and needs nothing more than the support and admiration of such modest spectators as ourselves....

For this reason we must congratulate both the GHM and the Commune of Chamonix for allowing these exceptional climbers to be placed in the limelight in the spirit of sharing in their enthusiasm. May the celebration be beautiful and may friendship overflow!


The French  Mountaineering and Climbing  Federation has been involved for more than 60 years in activities linked to  the mountains. For the last eight years or more it has offered its members a continually increasing list of activities: mountaineering, far-flung expeditions, canyoning, climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, and ski mountaineering.  It is also the authorised organisation for the activities of canyoning, rock-climbing, snowshoeing and ski mountaineering. Mostly thanks to some great mountaineers, it has been able to evolve, combining all facets of these activities, whether for leisure, training or at a high level. 
It is involved in mountaineering as much through national expeditions as through its universally recognised teams of climbers.

UCPA was born to make it possible for young generations to have access to outdoor activities. It was founded in 1965 as the result of the fusion of two associations one of them being the National Union of Mountain Resorts (Union Nationale des centres de montagne) at the instigation of Maurice Herzog who was then Secretary of State to Youth and sport.  During its 47 years of existence, UCPA hasn’t stopped evolving to fulfill new generations’ aspirations while pursuing its engagement to promote accessibility to outdoor activities such as mountaineering and alpinism. Its pedagogy was built on the ambition to encourage autonomy and responsibility in order to trigger self-fulfillment inside a group.


The American Alpine Journal, the point of reference in the matter of the investigation and the compilation of grand first ascents on summits all over the world, gives its supports to the Piolets d’Or for the first time and participates in the spreading of this new spirit which surrounds this event.

The Alpine Club is the leading UK club for active alpine and Greater Range climbers.  It fosters expeditions and encourages exploration of new areas. It offers a forum to share experience and information.  Founded in 1857 it has 1200 members in over 30 countries.  Doug Scott was president of the club from 1999 to 2002.  The current president, Mick Fowler, was awarded the Piolet d’Or in 2003, together with Paul Ramsden.

Club Alpino Italiano


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