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Nomination process

During the year under consideration, from 1st January to 31st December, journalists from Vertical and Montagnes magazines, published by Nivéales, compile a dossier of all high level ascents of all climbing styles.  They may consult climbers and journalists from all over the world in the interests of thoroughness.

This year, journalists from the American Alpine Journal contributed greatly to completing and validating the list of 60 expeditions under consideration by the two magazines.  To begin with, a member of G.H.M (the High Mountain Group), the editor-in-chief of Vertical magazine and the journalist from Montagnes magazine, as well as members of the organisation committee pass this list to the members of the jury and work with them to select the nominees.

Each member of the jury gives their suggested list of at least six nominations in order of preference, chosen in respect of the spirit and the performance evaluation criteria defined in the Piolets d’Or Charter.  When compiling their lists this year, the jury members were able to obtain information from or question journalists and climbers whose analyses were deemed to be relevant.

When each member of the jury has handed in his list of suggested nominees (undisclosed to all except the organising committee), the results are then compared.

Either by consensus or by a fresh vote, the jury members nominate a maximum of six ascents for a Piolets d’Or.  In case of a tie, the President of the jury has the casting vote.

Piolet d'or édition 2012


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